Everything you need to know about David Azzato and his business

As a child of parents who were working in the clothing industry and were a part of the middle class David Azzato had to go a long way to become what he is today. A successful 35 year old programmer who is a pioneer in what he is doing. But lets start from the beginning – how did he began with everything?

Humble beginnings

Mr. Azzato’s parents were not able to provide him the education he needed in order to have a successful future, but David Azzato found a way to the stars all by himself. He started working in a local store where he spend more than 6 hours a day in order to earn enough money to pay for his college. These years were really rough for him, but he had an idea that gave him the motivation to keep going. After he finished college he did not go for a job, but continued developing and finishing the idea he started in his last years of college. That idea was his interactive online platform we all use today.
After almost ten years time from his first step into the business world, David Azzato is a successful online businessman and works on many projects from blogs to fashion design. He is a creative mind and is always looking forward to do more out of his life. Mr. Azzato’s photography platform enables amateur and professionals to share their everyday view of the world, but in the same time to keep their photography copyrighted. He himself loves to travel and visited Asia a few times, which is for him, a totally different world. As a father of three beautiful children, two girls and one boy, David Azzato finds it hard to keep up with everything. His wife is also a part of his online world and creates contents on several blogs he manages.

How does Azzato work?

“Never stop doing the things you believe in!” is Mr. Azzato’s life motto. Why? you ask yourself. Well, because he did exactly that. He worked hard to achieve the things he believed in and look where he is today. It is a long way from an idea to a finished product, especially if it is something online. The same was it with Mr. Azzato’s photography platform. “Everyone who wants can be a part of this huge thing”, once said David Azzato. And he has right, every one who joins the platform can create their own environment and change the specification of the site and the app, so that it can, if you are really good, become a piece of art itself. And that was his main goal to enable other people to set the rules for this platform.
Today David Azzato is continuing to work on the platform and enjoying the life with his family. He thinks that every new day is an opportunity to do something new or to make the thing we have already done even better.