Begin Living The Natural Life With Detoxadine

Detoxadine is a high quality nascent atomic iodine supplement available in a nano-colloidal state. The supplement is made using a special transformative bio-elemental matrix process that makes it friendlier to the digestive system as compared to other forms of iodine supplements. Detoxadine is meant to be a daily supplement for humans and animals. The Nascent atomic iodine in the product is important in maintaining a healthy balance in DNA integrity and the supports of the immune system. This product also assists in bolstering cardiovascular health and creates a balance between the endocrine and metabolic processes.

Importance Of Nascent Iodine In The Body

– Iodine is an important mineral and takes part in the support of the immune system, thyroid health, metabolic health and the central nervous system.

– Nascent iodine is the easiest form of iodine to be absorbed and utilized by the body.

– Healthy levels of iodine in the body can be maintained through the intake of nascent iodine.

– Nascent iodine is important in the maintenance of ideal levels of hormones.

– Nascent iodine is crucial in the regulation of blood sugars and has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity in the body.

Health Benefits Of Nascent Iodine

Ideal iodine levels in the body help in boosting the immune system which protects the body from dietary and environmental toxins. In addition to supporting thyroid health, nascent iodine also reduces the effects of radiation exposure. The intake of the mineral can reduce brain fog and improve thinking significantly. It is important in the lowering of triglyceride and cholesterol levels thus important in weight loss programs. Nascent iodine can assist the body in detoxifying toxic halogens such and chlorine and fluoride as well as metals like lead and mercury from the body system.

How Is Detoxadine Made?

Nascent iodine can be made through the use of electricity in breaking the diatomic bonds to single high energy atoms. But this method is difficult to use when there is need for large amounts of nascent iodine. Over the years, the production of nascent iodine has evolved and now there are methods such as the use of the Thermodynamic pressure sensitive high energy sound pulse nano-emulsion. The technology is a combination of top physicists and creates a stable and highly charged bio-available form of nascent iodine.

Is the supplement better that Iodine in Food

The consumption of nutrients from whole foods is always strongly recommended. However, not a lot of foods have the sufficient levels of iodine required by the body and some that have, the iodine is not absorbed easily. For this reason, it is essential that you take the iodine supplements to cover for the deficit. Detoxadine provides the best way to supply iodine in the body and since there are no chemicals added to the product, it is effective and safe to use. People who do not have thyroid glands should not ignore the supplement because in as much as they don’t need it for thyroid hormone creation, the rest of the body still needs iodine for other important functions.