A Miracle Medicine for Treating Nail Fungus Infections

For countless people around the world battling nail fungus, there might just be a treatment that finally works. Anyone who has ever suffered from nail fungus infection knows the kind of stress and pain the sufferer endures. Even after countless trips to dermatologist and pushing almost every known antifungal into your body, the infection somehow always manages to come back. This constant relapse combined with the pain of infected nail bed is enough to push the sufferer to levels of extreme despair. Alternate medicine has often in the past, cured conditions that modern medical science has failed terribly at. ZetaClear is a homeopathic medicine and has been successfully used by homeopathic doctors to cure even the most stubborn nail fungus infections and prevent future relapse as well.

Essential Oils Constituting ZetaClear

Like mentioned above, it is a homeopathic medication that has been used for decades by homeopathic doctors to treat toe nail fungus. It comes as a pack of an oral homeopathic spray and a topical clear gel. The topical nail gel is a concoction of various essential oils that are known for their antifungal and anti bacterial effects. Some of these oils are:

· Tea Tree Oil: This oil contains terpenoids which are known to promote healthy nail growth. Tea tree oil is also very effective in treating lice, scabies, ringworm, athletic foot, acne and nail fungal infections. ZetaClear also contains Vitamin E which is a known antioxidant and very effective in removing harmful free radicles from the cells.

· Clove oil: Better known for its effectiveness in tooth pain, clove oil is also used for killing a variety of bacteria and fungi. It is active against 15 strains of fungi and over 60 types of bacteria.

· Jojoba and Almond oil: Both these oils are extensively used in various commercially available skin creams. Almond oil is a very rich source of Vitamin E and helps keep skin hydrated and moisturized. It is very effective in treating itchy skin, chapped lips and even minor burns. Jojoba oil is akin to human sebum and like it can penetrate deep into the skin to prevent moisture loss. It is also laden with a variety of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that help keep the skin supple and elastic.

In addition to the above essential oils, ZetaClear also contains lemongrass oil and an fatty acid organic derivative of castor oil. Lemongrass oil apart from being used for culinary purposes is also very good for healing dry rough skin.

The oral spray thus made consists of a number of homeopathic medicines that are used for a variety of conditions, from nail ulcers, warts and hangnails to swelling and pain of fingers.

Advantages and Side Effects of ZetaClear

There are a number of advantages of ZetaClear. It helps clear keratin debris and thus is able to reduce the yellowness of the nails. It is safe and effective and gives results in less than 4 weeks. ZetaClear is absolutely free from side effects, unlike any alternate medicine. you can read more about Zetaclear. However, pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their physician before starting this nail treatment.

ZetaClear is a safe and very effective treatment against nail fungus. Used regularly for 4 to 8 weeks, it can cure the fungus once and for all.